We conduct a thorough needs analysis to obtain all the information required for CK Mahoning to deliver the best possible results.

Listening is the skill that separates us from other recruiting firms. Our recruiters are trained to understand your needs and the qualifications you seek in a candidate. We conduct a thorough needs analysis to obtain all the information required for CK Mahoning to deliver the best possible results. At the onset of a search, we will discuss, at a minimum, the following:

* Job duties and qualifications
* Education
* Likes, dislikes, and shortcomings of previous interviews
* Compensation
* What separates your organization from the competition
* Ways to attract top talent to work for you

Hiring the wrong personnel can be the most costly mistake an organization can make. CK Mahoning will recruit the best possible 'fit' for your team. By proactively contacting candidates in the markets, industries, and companies you desire, we are able to locate top talent that may be passive job seekers and NOT responding to employment ads.

We examine direct and indirect competitors, as well as identify alternate companies that employ candidates possessing the skills and experience you seek. All of this information is discussed with you, and constant feedback is provided by the recruiter to the hiring manager to ensure that all candidates presented fit the requirements — before they interview.

Throughout the hiring process, we will carry on a continuous dialogue with both you and the candidate(s) to ensure a smooth transition. By keeping you abreast of all the factors involved in the candidates' career change, CK Mahoning makes sure you are satisfied until you are ready to make an offer of employment. Upon your direction, we will inform any candidates that are not selected to move forward in the process. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that meets the challenges of your hiring needs.

The Offer
Making an offer to a candidate is where your relationship truly takes shape with your new employee. Our recruiters can be as involved in the offer process as you like. Our years of hiring experience can help with delicate negotiations and create a “win-win” for you and the prospective candidate. At your request, we can check references and present a verbal offer to the candidate to secure an acceptance and smooth transition.

The Tough Part
The period between acceptance of an offer and the start date is a critical time for any individual. We will stay in contact, and recommend that you do the same, to resolve any resignation challenges and counteroffers. In today’s difficult labor market, many unexpected issues can arise in this period. Again, our years of experience allow us to anticipate these potential problems and deal with them head-on to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients and candidates.